MARTA - Monitoring Animals in Research with Technology and Application is a compact stand-alone system for mice that helps researchers monitor vital physiological parameters non-invasively during surgical interventions. Connected wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, the available software application for Android, OSX and Windows visualizes core temperature, respiration and heart rate. Acquired data, additional notes and photos can be synchronized with the Vigilitech cloud. Researchers can access their monitor log, share it with others, use analysis tools and export data for their research.print

Easy Monitoring

The pad is a compact all-in-one solution for adequate animal monitoring (heart rate, respiration rate and temperature control). Place your animal on the hygienic pad, start the monitoring and begin your experiment without losing precious time. The pad sustains sterilization and is instantly ready for your next experiment.

Temperature Control

The pad is equipped with a heating technology to ensure constant temperature values. If needed a rectal temperature probe can be used for core temperature measurements (+/- 0.1°C) and feed-back loop temperature control.

Data Visualization

No extra controllers or monitors are needed. Acquired data is visualized on a smart phone or tablet. Data can be recorded and additional information added. Data, photos and notes can be uploaded to your personal Vigilitech cloud account, where post-experimental analysis tools can be accessed.

Experiment Management

The app allows the management of your recorded experiments; Upload, export or synchronize your experiment data with the Vigilitech cloud.

Monitor View

The monitor view visualizes the data transmitted from the Vigilitech pad. The heart rate (HR), respiration rate (RR), the core (CT) and pad temperature (PT) can be viewed directly. The navigation function below enables you to start/end data recordings and to take pictures or notes during the experiment.

History Graphs

Acquired data with corresponding graphs can be viewed during and after experiments. Notes and images taken during the experiment are depicted as marks on the history graphs.


Notes have an automatic time stamp in relation to the course of the experiment and can be added during or after the experiment.

Image Gallery

Images can be taken during the experiment or once an experiment has finished. All images are stored in the gallery and linked to the respective experiment.

Data Management

App users can upload the acquired encrypted data to their cloud account for data management, data storage and analysis. The Vigilitech cloud can also be used to share and distribute acquired data among co-workers.

Data Analysis

Using the Vigilitech analysis tools enables you to analyze, post-process, add or delete data, produce figures and data sheets which can be exported for further use.

Secure Hosting

Vigilitech hosts all your data in cooperation with and ensures to host all your data in Switzerland. In the future customized cloud hosting will be available.