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Paper-based data collecting is time-consuming and still common practice. MARTA App is the first application that allows you to visualize, collect, store and export quantitative high-quality monitoring data with a few clicks. You can start collecting data within seconds. Just sign up for an account and pair your smartphone, tablet, or computer with your MARTA Pad. You can use the exported data for instant analysis. This opens doors to new research possibilities and contributes to novel knowledge in various research areas.


Animal wellbeing is our core value. MARTA App visualises the current vital signs such as heart rate, respiration rate and temperature. A virtual assistant supports you before, during and after animal studies and reports anomalies with an alarm signal. This allows you to recognise animals' distress better and to improve the animals' wellbeing.

MARTA App is designed for gathering sensitive research data that is stored securely and locally on our own server infrastructure in Switzerland. Additionally, MARTA App has a two-step-verification to strengthen the security of your account and your data when signing in.

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