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Discover MARTA’s values

In animal research, precision, efficiency, and care are paramount. Researchers are continuously seeking innovative tools that not only streamline their processes but also prioritise the welfare of their research subjects.

In this blog post, we will explore seven core values of MARTA that are reshaping the way we monitor vital signs and conduct animal research.


1.         No cables, more time!

MARTA distinguishes itself with its cable-free design and battery-operated functionality. By eliminating cumbersome cables and electrodes, MARTA simplifies the monitoring process, saving researchers valuable time and resources. This streamlined approach reduces stress for both researchers and research subjects during preparation phases, setting the stage for a more humane research experience.


2.         Maximising scalability with parallel experiments!

MARTA is a multitasker! The app can display mutiple pads at the same time, allowing reserachers to efficiently monitor all vital signs of multiple research subjects, thereby maximizing scientific output within the same timeframe. By empowering researchers to conduct multiple experiments simultaneously, MARTA enhances the scalability of research endeavours.


3.         Seamless integration!

MARTA seamlessly integrates with existing laboratory equipment such as stereotactic frames and microscopes, ensuring compatibility and durability within research facilities. By leveraging existing infrastructure, MARTA becomes an invaluable asset that can adapt with the evolving needs of various reseach environments.


4.         Alerts for timely intervention!

At its core, MARTA prioritizes animal wellbeing through advanced alert mechanisms that promptly notify researchers of any changes in vital signs. This proactive approach enables timely intervention and care, minimizing suffering and ensuring the wellbeing of research subjects throughout experiments.


5.         Anaesthesia control!

Anaesthesia plays a pivotal role in many research protocols, but its effects on vital signs can vary significantly. Vital sign changes during anaesthesia enable researchers to optimize, regulate und adjust anaesthesia levels in real-time enhancing the safety and wellbeing of research subjects during experimental procedures.


6.         Animal wellbeing for ethical compliance!

MARTA's emphasis on stress reduction and error minimization contributes to ethical compliance and the validity and reproducibility of research outcomes. By aligning with the highest standards of scientific integrity, MARTA cultivates a Culture of Care within the research settings where it is applied.


7.         Digital vital sign data for research robustness!

Last but not least, vital sign data ensures that researchers always have a comprehensive record of physiological responses over time for further interpretation of their scientific findings. The access to historical data facilitates in-depth analysis enabling researchers to correlate experimental variables and evaluate the effects of interventions or treatments. Ultimately, the preservation of vital sign data enhances research robustness and can foster continuous improvement in animal research practices.


In conclusion, MARTA represents a paradigm shift in animal vital sign monitoring. With MARTA around, animal research is getting a whole lot better for everyone involved!

Convinced?  Schedule an online meeting with founder and CEO, Marc. Reach out to to book your session and discuss how MARTA can add value to your research.

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