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Embrace the Honey Badger Spirit! How one idea sparked a new Culture of Care in animal research

Updated: Feb 9

Last weekend was Honey Badger Day! 🍯🦡 What better time to share our story.


Generating a business idea is usually considered one of the first and most important steps of any entrepreneurial path: Without a solid business idea, no product.


However, what about the drive and determination needed to transform your entrepreneurial vision into reality?


To ignite his idea, Marc - our CEO - first had to embrace the Honey Badger Spirit! 🍯💪


Throwback: Indonesia, Summer 2014 - a sparkling bonfire night in a horseshoe bay. Picture Marten, the surf camp owner, serenading the night with the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" in endless loop.


Around the fire:

Louise, a South African ranger

Edo, a Spanish fireman

Mike, a US businessman

Ben, a medical student from the UK

Marc, a neuroscientist from Zurich

and Andie, Marc's girlfriend

all connected by their love for surfing.


On this remote island without internet, they bonded after exhilarating surf days, sharing stories. When Marc was asked about his work, he took the opportunity to discuss his business idea centred around contact-free vital sign monitoring for laboratory mice, aiming to foster a new Culture of Care in animal research. 🐭✨His vision was to create a safer and stress-free environment for both animals and researchers.


Mike, the businessman, paused his M&M munching and handed Marc the bag: "Marc, you need M&Ms - Mindset & Motivation! Entrepreneurship, like travel, needs more than just an idea; you must get on that plane!" ✈️ Louise raised her bottle: "Marc, be a honey badger!"🥂🦡


Louise shared tales of the fearless honey badger - hard to find, exceptionally determined, and resilient. Just like an entrepreneur, it fearlessly raids beehives for its favourite food, honey, enduring countless bee stings. Louise crowned it the bravest animal on earth.


Since that sparkling bonfire night, the honey badger became Marc's entrepreneurial muse. The day after his surf trip, he enrolled in the Venture Challenge Course at ETH Zurich. And this is how it all started…


Today, Marc's desk tells the tale: a honey badger illustration and always a full bowl of colourful M&Ms - to be honest - it's most of the time half-empty.😋


So, back to the initial question: What if a honey badger snatches your M&Ms?


Follow it! 😉🍬


To discover more about MARTA, schedule an online meeting by contacting:

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