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Our Story

from researchers for researchers

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Dr. Marc Zünd, CEO and founder of Vigilitech.

Marc experienced frustration as neuroscientist at university. He wanted a safe environment for his laboratory animals without contact and high quality monitoring data for his research and publications.


He soon realised that many of his fellow colleagues shared his frustration. Marc saw the opportunity to help researchers to simplify monitoring, boost scientific outcomes and foster a Culture of Care in animal research together with MARTA.

Our team


Dr. Marc Zünd

Founder, CEO & board president

Marc worked in life science performing experiments in the field of in-vivo brain research for 12 years. He founded Vigilitech during his PhD at ETH Zurich.

PhD in electrical engineering


Dr. Heiko Visarius

Board member

Heiko worked in major life science companies. He has been supporting startups as a coach and board member over the past 11 years.

PhD in bioengineering, MBA


Michael Fischer


Micheal worked as CEO/CFO, Venture Capital and Private Equity manager in small high-tech and industrial companies.

Graduated engineer, MBA


Dr. Ilya Kiselev

Research & development

Ilya worked in the field of embedded systems and data analysis with a strong focus on signal processing during his PhD at ETH Zurich.

PhD in neuroinformatics


Harald Osswald

Research & development

Harald has worked as an electrical engineer at the University of Zurich since 30 years.

Graduated electrical engineer


Henry-Karl Berger

IT & server infrastructure

Karl worked in the field of web development programming front- and backend solutions for 13 years.

Trained full-stack developer


Andrea Pamela Willi


Andrea worked as SLP and lecturer for 15 years. She has been working in the startup field building her own company with a strong focus on communication for the past 8 years.

Speech & language pathology (SLP)

MSc in socio- & psycholinguistics


Roland Hilgers


Roland worked in the field of therapy, digital healthcare, diagnostics & medical devices for 25 years. He supports startups and SMEs as a coach.

MSc movement therapy & clinical biophysics, MBAs


We aim to create a safe work environment with a novel technology and intuitive software. We do that by monitoring and collecting vitals without contact, utmost care and minimal distress for animals and researchers.

MARTA makes research better for animals and staff. Our smart products empower researchers to future ground-breaking work and sustainable animal welfare.



The name Vigilitech derives from the Latin word vigil meaning awake. Its meaning includes the idea of staying alert to observe something. Vigilitech stands for an intuitive technology for monitoring of vital signs.

The name MARTA is an abbreviation for Monitoring Animals in Research with Technology and Application.

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