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the MARTA products

unique like your research.


In the past, the animal monitoring industry lacked technologies that were both sensitive and accurate enough to meet the strict legal regulations and guidelines for animal welfare. MARTA pad changes that.

Unlike traditional methods, it operates remotely through fur without the need for electrodes. Simply place your animals on MARTA pad, and real-time monitoring begins instantly.


Traditional paper-based data collection is time-consuming and still widely used. MARTA app is the first web application that allows you to visualise, collect, store, and export high-quality monitoring data with just a few clicks. You can start collecting data within seconds by signing up for an account and pairing your smartphone, tablet, or computer with MARTA pad. The exported data is ready for instant analysis, unlocking new possibilities for better, multi-layered interpretation of research findings.


The MARTA box minimises stress during anaesthesia induction and recovery. It features a removable top for easy animal placement and is made of red transparent plexiglass to reduce light-induced stress. Leakproof and compatible with various gas mixtures, it allows optimal exposure to anaesthesia without the need to touch or move animals. Combined with the pad ,the box effectively addresses the challenge of hypothermia during animal anaesthesia by creating a controlled environment that minimises heat loss.

MARTA adapter

Integrating seamlessly with all commonly used rat stereotaxic U-shaped frames, the MARTA stereotactic adapter enhances surgical precision and stability. Its customisable ear bars accommodate various skull sizes for secure fixation, while the easy-to-clean design ensures sterility. Simply insert the MARTA pad into the adapter to streamline your surgical setup and enable vital sign monitoring throughout stereotactic procedures. With post-experimental data analysis, you no longer need to compromise on monitoring, offering deeper insights into your research findings.

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MARTA frame

The MARTA frame is a heated frame designed specifically for preclinical studies involving anaesthetised rats. It offers effortless integration with the MARTA pad, allowing researchers to monitor vital signs such as heart rate and breathing rate of rats, consistent temperature and anaesthesia levels throughout experiments, and providing reliable data for research purposes. The MARTA frame's prototype has already demonstrated its effectiveness and is currently being utilized by our first customers, showcasing its practicality and suitability for preclinical studies. 

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MARTA rec measures the core temperature of anaesthetized animals during studies with exceptional accuracy, guaranteeing measurements within 0.1°C. The flexible probe is inserted into the animal, and the micro-USB plug connects to MARTA pad for closed-loop temperature control. Fully sterilisable and exclusively compatible with MARTA pad, MARTA rec enhances monitoring capabilities by allowing feedback loop temperature control. However, it is not necessary for ideal heating, as MARTA pad alone can effectively regulate temperature to ensure animal comfort and wellbeing.

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