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Animal wellbeing is key during animal studies. MARTA-Box presents a novel way of employing anesthesia induction and waking up by minimizing unnecessary stress that animals may experience in the preparation and recovery phase.


MARTA-Box must be carefully placed on MARTA-Pad. This allows pre-anesthetic monitoring of animals' vital signs. MARTA-Box comes with a removable top to enable easy placement of animals. The induction chamber is made of red transparent plexiglass for easy observation. The red glass ensures less light-induced stress for animals. 


MARTA-Box is leakproof. Hence, animals are optimally exposed to the anesthetics. Once animals are fully anesthetized, you can remove MARTA-Box from MARTA-Pad easily and residual anesthetics will leak instantly. For post-anesthetic monitoring you can put MARTA-Box back on. Animals do not need to be moved.


MARTA-Box ensures the safety of everybody involved during pre- and post-experimental care and your research results are less affected by stress.


You can clean MARTA-Box with water or isopropyl. MARTA-Box is compatible with all commonly used gas mixtures. The inlet and outlet holes are compatible with 6mm and 22mm tubes. MARTA-Box is also available in a translucent version.

time saving

no movement

of animals

instant monitoring of vital signs

less light-induced

stress for animals