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MARTA-Pad is an excellent choice for animal monitoring of vital signs in animal science. It measures real time vital signs without contact before, during and after animal studies. MARTA-Pad allows you to implement the 3Rs and a positive Culture of Care in your daily scientific work.



your data always accessible

With MARTA-App you no longer need to record vital signs periodically and manually. You can start visualizing and collecting monitoring data within seconds. MARTA-App brings you and other researchers together by sharing your stored data with your scientific community.


sleep animal sleep

MARTA-Box is an induction and waking up chamber for smooth pre- and post-experimental monitoring.



closed loop temperature control

MARTA-Rec is a rectal probe for closed loop temperature control. It is the perfect addition to MARTA-Pad in order to meet your surgical needs.



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Our mission

Our mission is to enhance global animal welfare in scientific animal studies and veterinary medicine. We aim to create a safe environment by monitoring animals with utmost care. We do that by striving to measure and collect vital signs data constantly with minimal distress for animals. 

Our vision

Animal studies still are indispensable. Scientists carry the responsibility to ensure that high ethical and scientific standards in research are met. By using MARTA the concepts of Culture of Care and the 3Rs in daily research can thrive. MARTA should be a universal requirement for future animal studies to facilitate data transparency, comparability, reproducible scientific findings and research activities that keep the number of animals needed to a minimum.

Our name

The name Vigilitech derives from the Latin word vigil meaning awake. Its meaning includes the idea of staying alert to observe something. Vigilitech stands for novel technologies in animal monitoring of vital signs.

The name MARTA is an abbreviation for Monitoring Animals in Research with Technology and Application.

Vigilitech AG was founded in October 2016. All products are developed, programmed, designed, produced and tested in Switzerland.


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